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Our dear collectors,
We would like to inform you that due to COVID-19, the company EDITIONS CAROUZEL SMPC postpones the draw date of the competition THE JUNGLE 3 SEQUEL STICKER COLLECTION to December 6, 2022.
Entries that will be posted no later than November 25, 2022 (with postmark) will be considered valid.
EDITIONS CAROUZEL is an established company under the relevant Greek Laws, (Commercial Registration Number 800672783). The company specialized to design, production and distribution (for Greece and abroad), of collectible products, stickers, trading cards, metal tags, digital stickers etc, in a wide area of topics, like educational series, football series, sport series, TV and cinema series and many more

Company's motto "Knowledge & Fun" gives the strategic direction of the company, to focus upon the production of products which can combine both knowledge and fun. This is accomplished by company's unique production process which ensures high quality of products. Also, by company's continuous investment in marketing research, to identify topics/themes that is of high interest for its market. By that means, the combination of high quality and interesting products, company ensures the maximum satisfaction for its buyers. Further to that, each publication is accompanying by a wide range of offerings, competitions, and draws (and other types of promotional activities) in order to maximize the interest for its publications.

“Our web site, is in process of updating, so you can come back to discover more about our company’s culture and products”



1 Miaouli str, Peristeri, 12131,Greece


+30 210 5769799